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Quoting System

Health Insurance industry provides insurance to Companies, Providers, Individuals through Agents, In-House Sales representatives. Middle men reach the end users first by submitting the Proposals (Quotes) taking several factors of the end user into account. If the end user is a company then they consider factors like size of the company, location of the company, type of the company (type of industry), the census of the company employees (age, gender etc.). Likewise it is very challenging to submit the quotes to individuals in which case their dependent history should be equally important. There is no one simple quoting system so far which can be customized for several Clients based on their needs.


It is proposed for the first time to provide the comprehensive solution of extensive Quoting System which can be customized very easily for different organizations, Individuals etc. This is broadly divided into following categories:

i) Client
ii) Plan Profile
iii) Proposal Profile
iv) Proposal (Quote)


Client: This is most generic module and it contains most general information about the Client, its basic information like Address, Industry Type, Contact, and Census etc.


Plan Profile: This is the basic set of benefits that insurer offer to the client. Generally set of Plan Profiles are defined some very affordable, some very expensive in Medical, Dental, Vision and Rx. A sub set of these plan profiles and their rates are offered to the client based on their affordability. Each Plan Profile’s benefits are defined in the Benefits Section. These plan profiles rates vary based on the Net Works they have chosen. Some Net Works are very rich in the sense that they cover almost everything and of course are very expensive. Some Net Works are very basic and cover basic requirements and are very inexpensive. Companies can choose these Plan Profiles along with Net Works based on their affordability.


Proposal Profile: The Proposal Profile is nothing but set of Plan Profiles together for a given region. This Proposal Profile is created for convenience of creating Proposal and has no additional features except offering set of Plan Profiles to a given region.


Proposal: This is final part of the quoting system which generates the actual rates of Medical, Dental and Vision plans based Client details, Plan Profiles, Net Works etc. Each of these modules are further explained in very detailed manner here.

This is a unique Sharpedge Product and coming soon into the market.


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